Votes Updated Instantly

Utilizing Ajax, votes are automatically updated without having to refresh the page. You will see an on screen confirmation of your vote and the vote button will change from “Vote Now” to “Voted”. This ensure your voters clearly understand their vote was counted.

Voting Log

With the integrated vote log, admins can monitor votes and remove votes as needed. While the system is very accurate when tracking votes, sometimes there is a need to clear a vote or two by an admin. The voting log will also assure you that there is not any “foul play” with your contest and…

Vote Tracking and Validation

We currently offer cookie tracking, IP tracking, email code tracking, and WP User Account tracking. If IP tracking is set and you require users to register and login to vote the system will automatically switch from IP tracking to WP User ID tracking for votes. This is particularly handy for contests held in offices and…