Admin Notifications and Contestant Entries

Contestants can upload their entries right from your website! Once a Contest Entry is submitted it will go to a pending status. This is done to prevent unsafe content or threats from being posted to your website without review. You can optionally setup Admin Notifications so a contest admin is notified of a pending contestant.

Mutliple Sorting Options

Easily control the sort order that your contestants are displayed. You may sort by number of votes, ID, author, title, name, date, modified, random, comment count, and menu order all by ASC or DESC. Setup your contest the way YOU want it to display. By turning pagination off, specifying the number of contestants to show…

Built in Pagination

Control the number of contestants shown on each page with built in pagination. Choose from traditional, drop down menu, infinite scroll, or load more. Control how many posts per page or turn pagination off using shortcodes.

Timers and Auto Contest

Utilize contest start and end date to set your contest on auto pilot or set number of contestants to make contest active. This allows you to have an entry period before the voting starts. Once the entry period is over the entry from will automatically be removed and the voting will open. The timer will…

Optional Login Settings

Optionally require contestants or voters to register/login before submitting entries or voting. Chose one or all of the registration methods: WP User Account, Facebook Login, Twitter Login or Google Login. The login settings offer additional security, especially for private contests and additional export data for marketers.

Create Multiple Contests

Run multiple contests and contest types at the same time each with their own settings and options. We are the ONLY all in one contest plugin that supports simultaneously running Photo Contests, Video Contests, Music Contests and Essay Contests using a single plugin.

Social Media Integration

We make it easy to share entries via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit & LinkedIn. Sharing buttons are located on the main contest, custom post page and PrettyPhoto Gallery. Pick and choose which social networks your visitors can share on.

Import and Export

Easily import your contestants data via .csv file. There are also 5 different file types to chose from when exporting your contestants data. You can also export the voting log for building an email marketing list.

Control Vote Frequency

Over 24 different configurations of controlling votes! (x) per category, (x) per calendar day, (x) per (x) hours, and unlimited. Also determine if user can vote for single, multiple (exclusive), or multiple (split) contestants.