LAST UPDATED- 4/1/2023

VERSION 5.4.4 – Released 4/1/2023

File upload author missing
Multi-site activation issue

VERSION 5.4.3 – Released 3/14/2023

Loading text to custom fields section in Add/Edit contestant pages

Contestants infinite scrolling issue from version 5.4.2

VERSION 5.4.2 – Released 3/13/2023

PHP warnings and notices
Video upload file size validation
Video field not showing up on Custom fields issue
Voting button issue with default pagination

VERSION 5.4.1 – Released 1/24/2023

Moved the previous and next arrows next to title in the contestant popup
Restricted notice will be shown before asking user details

Option to change the number of contestants to show in Top 10 contestants list

Bug with showing all the contestants in show all contestants list
Fixed the Preview in new tab page crash issue

VERSION 5.4.0 – Released 12/22/2022

showallcontest shortcode showing critical error and PHP warnings
Voting Navigation design

VERSION 5.3.9 – Released 12/19/2022

Layout and Color settings will stay on the same tab when saved

Voting navigation buttons highlight when not selected
Gallery & Top 10 redirect url updated in single page when visiting from social networks

VERSION 5.3.8 – Released 12/14/2022

Image not displaying properly on the contest page fix
Image not available – default image size fixed for Grid and List view to match with Featured images
Contestants page navigation(Gallery and Top 10) from single page was not working when you navigate from social share

VERSION 5.3.7 – Released 12/8/2022

Added setting to switch file upload from Forms to Tus client

Ellipsis added at the end of excerpt
Update form file upload fix

VERSION 5.3.6 – Released 11/8/2022

Compatibility for WordPress 6.1
Changed/Removed deprecated hooks

VERSION 5.3.5 – Released 10/7/2022
Option to show/hide the Your Profile
Cancel Vote button in Popup
Mobile Responsive Menu for navigation
Logout Button in the Navigation bar
Background Color Settings for Grid/List & Form

Order by rand and votes issue on Top10 & Sidebar List
Popup of Grab user details
Addcontestants shortcode for when is set to open
Rules & Prize issue

Updated the Twitter API
Updated the Google API

VERSION 5.3.4 – Released 9/2/2022
Auto Option in Elementor Submit Entry

Submit Entry
Multiple Email Notifications
Ellipses Issue in Excerpt
Zip Code Translation
Contestant Link Redirection in Email Template

Processing Message in Vote Button
Custom Fields URL links and HTML Tags

VERSION 5.3.3 – Released 8/19/2022

Vote Log Display Issue from version 5.3.2
Profile Screen Issue

Deactivation warning message and alert when Deactivation Settings set to NO.

VERSION 5.3.2 – Released 8/5/2022

Custom Field Save Issue on NGINX Servers
Read More display in Single Contestant Page
404 issues on the Import Contestant page

VERSION 5.3.1 – Released 7/21/2022

Submit Button not showing properly due to version 5.3

VERSION 5.3 – Released 7/19/2022

Custom Fields duplicated issue in Firefox
Exclude and Include shortcodes
Duplicated contestants while order by set to Votes

Limiting the Characters or Words in Contestant Title and Contestant Description
Supports Elementor Plugin for shortcode rendering
CANCEL VOTE functionality
Show Gallery Option
Rejection setting and rejection email.

Pagination Color
Design in admin end
Submit Entry, Timer and Vote Button based upon the Activation Count

VERSION 5.2.6 – Released 5/31/2022

Votes order by when Auto Approve Contestants is set to ON

Feature Popup Image Setting in admin end
Ability to Remove Featured image in Essay Contest Category
WordPress 6.0 Support

Design for Contest Timer and Count
Vote log Time based upon the Local timezone used in the WordPress Settings
Validation and Processing loader in Submit Form

VERSION 5.2.5 – Released 4/29/2022

Contest Category Does not exist
Search functionality for the imported contestants
Sort issue in Category , Custom Fields & Registration Fields Listing while Editing.
Custom Fields cloned while Category.

PROCESSING message in Vote Button
USER ACCOUNT tracking in Contest Settings

Dynamically displayed Total Vote Count

VERSION 5.2.4 – Released 4/12/2022

Reverse Proxy Ip Issue
Videos issues in Widgets
showcontestants attribute in “addcontestants” shortcode to display the contestants list
Single Contestant Image size specified in admin end when disable popup is enabled
Display of Show Total Vote Count in Contest Category
Cookie Issues in Voting

Translation Strings added

Voting Button Messages (Vote Again, Voting restricted)

VERSION 5.2.3 – Released 3/7/2022

404 issue with the Import Contestants Feature

Option “Load scripts on all pages”. It will Load plugin scripts on all pages and to resolve Optimization Plugin conflicts when minifying already minified scripts.

Pagination – Maximum allowed 500. Added Error Messages in front end when users uses above 500 in shortcode

VERSION 5.2.2 – Released 2/23/2022
Before updating from a version prior to 5.2.2 please visit the forum and follow the steps to backup your translation files to avoid lost translations after updating.

Improved: Moved storage location of translations to uploads folder to avoid lost translations in future versions.

VERSION 5.2.1 – Released 2/22/2022

Past and Future Dates Date Picker Issue in the Contest Category Settings
Vote Log Listing Issue in Safari browser
Vote Log Delete – Style Issue
Category Slug Already Existing Issue
Author & Author Email address to be displayed when Title Position is set to TOP
Hide Until Live Photos/Videos/Music Issues
Updating & deleting Custom Fields in the admin end

Rules & Prizes Text Editor

Image Proportion Functionality for Image Contest in Category Layout Settings
New Image Sizes (800×0 & 1400×0)

VERSION 5.2 – Released 1/28/2022

postperpage=0 issues
After Voting share your friends text
Multiple votelog select and delete
Export vote log fields
Weblinks for custom field values

VERSION 5.1.9 – Released 1/21/2022

Export issues
Profile screen issues and added separate components for profile screen shortcode
User Values showing on back-end

VERSION 5.1.8 – Released 12/30/2021

Export contestants fix,
Multisite fix

VERSION 5.1.7 – Released 12/29/2021

DOM Issue preventing contest from loading in FireFox after fixes from 5.1.6

VERSION 5.1.6 – Released 12/24/2021

Email From address on settings page
orderby=name issue fixed
Custom field links fixed
buyvotes on showallcontestants

VERSION 5.1.5 – Released 12/16/2021

Voting timer issue
Showallcontestants vote button issue
addcontest & endedcontest dropdown issue

VERSION 5.1.4 – Released 12/14/2021

Contestants viewing popup Size
Contestants popup multiple images
Category hide and disable single Contestant page
Your profile Edit contestant
Captcha sitekey issue

Voters Name on Vote log
Security Patch
Enable all on custom fields

VERSION 5.1.3 – Released 12/03/2021

Click on Author and see that Authors entries
Custom Field for the video URL and it’s not working.
Reset category layout & color settings
Tooltip issues

Displaying Image only showing when music upload is enabled in Music Category
Admin Menu highlight when add new or edit

VERSION 5.1.1 – Released 11/26/2021

Buyvotes extension API
Gallery Link
Migration version number
Rules & prizes

Custom fields & Registration fields

VERSION 5.1 – Released 11/23/2021

Contest Ended Message Missing
Countdown Timer Missing by default
Showtimer=1 variable
REST API session_write_close()

VERSION 5.0.9 – Released 11/16/2021

Excerpt controller issue

Support for judging extension

VERSION 5.0.8 – Released 11/12/2021

Changed order by random to session fix pagination seed
Show custom field description on front end form
Start time page blank error
Email settings issue on submission
Submit form and submit button login issues

Disable single page setting
“showrules” variable usage to showcontestants shortcode on overview page

VERSION 5.0.7 – Released 11/2/2021

Assign fields empty issue
Deactivation errors on some installs
Translation rest call
Search title on migration

Search for custom fields

VERSION 5.0.6 – Released 10/28/2021

Admin end contestants pending issue

Reduced build files and enhanced the speed of the plugin

VERSION 5.0.5 – Released 10/26/2021

Blank screen issue on new voting installations
Sorting by votes on admin end

Front end orderby random changed from session to cookie

VERSION 5.0.4 – Released 10/25/2021

Tiktok video not shown on admin end
Assigning custom fields showing name
Orderby random
Author on save entry

VERSION 5.0.3 – Released 10/22/2021

Submit form showing on open state even contest ended
Submit entry upload issue and wistia video issue
Video design issue on single contestant page
Template Override
Description in Single and Popup
Voting log loading issue and contest ended voting button show
Color settings button issue
Voting navigation issue on submit entry

Translation in Email Controller
PDF viewer
Video Ext – URL field enable
Video Ext – Tiktok video
Video Ext – Video contest URL + Upload support

VERSION 5.0.2 – Released 10/18/2021

License and Version Reporting
WP Bakery Content Issue

VERSION 5.0.1 – Released 10/15/2021

License activation issue
PDF Display for Essay Contest

VERSION 5.0 – Released 10/13/2021

Completely written from the ground up utilizing React JS.

VERSION 4.9.2 – Released 6/2/2021

Prework for the upcoming release of version 5.0

Pagination Issues

VERSION 4.9.1 – Released 9/19/2020

Links to payment on buy votes and entry payments

Deactivation set to on on default installation

Divi Theme login issues
Profile screen edit for paid submitted entry
Profile screen share off
Export contestants on radio/checkbox and file type

VERSION 4.9 – Released 8/31/2020

Random sort order issue on front end

VERSION 4.8.9 – Released 8/21/2020

Twitter login
Profile screen edit
Random sort order issue on admin end

VERSION 4.8.8 – Released 8/4/2020

Design with showallcontestants

Sort order shortcode usage with showallcontestants
Email notification for admin on exceed submit entry issue

VERSION 4.8.7 – Released 8/3/2020

German Translations (Thank you Alex for your contribution!!)

Contestant & Admin email handling to avoid going to spam folder

Deleting contestant entry from profile screen conflict with submission count
File upload Jquery issue

VERSION 4.8.6 – Released 7/18/2020

Coupon support for addcontest shortcode

VERSION 4.8.5 – Released 7/16/2020

JS conflicts and login issue conflicts
Show all contestants page with music and video images
Facebook video if API failed iframe load
Addcontest shortcode compatibility with video extension

VERSION 4.8.1 – Released 6/26/2020

Reddit & LinkedIn social sharing deactivates upon saving settings

Author entries page now links contestants to contestant post
Author entries now add Reddit & LinkedIn social icons if enabled

VERSION 4.8 – Released 6/25/2020

Bitchute videos URL support
Clicking on Author’s name shows all of the Authors entries
Updated plugin for PHP 7.4 support

When deactivating core plugin, addons are also deactivated
IP + E-mail verification method security

Instagram video support
Loading image on upload from front end

VERSION 4.7.8 – Released 6/18/2020

Custom field issue with displaying files such as PDF & Word Docs on contestant entry.

VERSION 4.7.7 – Released 6/16/2020

Custom field issue with MP3 and Video link URL’s.

VERSION 4.7.6 – Released 6/9/2020

Custom field image upload issue
Buy Votes extension issue fixed when set to 0 free votes with IP + Email Tracking

Image upload to WordPress media option
Clone Category
Show thumbnail on upload/Grid/Single Contestant
Extra image thumbnail support
Setting to show/hide custom file field label in single contestants

VERSION 4.7.5 – Released 5/14/2020

Admin Styles
Fancybox Styles
Buy Votes issue

VERSION 4.7.4 – Released 4/13/2020

Issue with extra file field in admin and front end
Admin end file upload for the documents
Show All Contestants displaying contests with End Timer Set

Verbiage and fixed file link issue for the multiple categories form
Additional translation strings

VERSION 4.7.3 – Released 4/1/2020

Additional Fixes:
Hide/Show Display of Custom Second Image Field in Grid/List View

Select All / Select None option for custom questions assigned to the Contest Category

Hide “Additional Information” title on Single Contestants page if no additional information exists.
Top 10 Area Redesigned

VERSION 4.7.2 – Released 3/24/2020

Hide/Show Display of Custom Second Image Field in Grid/List View

VERSION 4.7.1 – Released 3/13/2020

Hide/Show Display of Custom Fields in Grid/List View

VERSION 4.7 – Released 3/10/2020

Additional Information in PrettyPhoto
Email notifications
SoundCloud poster image display

SoundCloud removed the recommended songs after song is done playing
Additional Information Section on Single Contestants Page
Verbiage changes
Restricted the html tags in custom field title
YouTube short URL to usage in the video contest
Widget Design
Your Profile Page Design
Showallcontestants Design
Support for additional image upload fields
Support for additional pdf upload fields

Reddit share
LinkedIn share
Include attribute in showcontestants shortcode to only show included contestant id’s

VERSION 4.6.9 – Released 1/20/2020
File Field link in Email
Form styles for the notes

Description / Notes field in the Contestant Form Builder
Enable / Disable option for the Auto Login after the registration

VERSION 4.6.8 – Released 12/13/2019
JS conflict while uinsg the addcontest shortcode
Recaptcha in showallcontestant shortcode page

Custom Taxonomy Page Template for the Contest Category
File Type View Values in Email Notifications

VERSION 4.6.7 – Released 11/28/2019
Latin characters in contestant form builder question type and checkbox and radio box values
Non-Latin characters in registration form builder
Audio MP3 file type issue while uploading the audio files in music contest

Success class after successful voting in the button

VERSION 4.6.6 – Released 11/12/2019
Mail content override style
Submit entry load mail template issue
Js conflicts with divi theme

VERSION 4.6.5 – Released 11/5/2019
Date Picker Issue
addcontest shortcode issue
showrules attribute in addcontestant shortcode issue

Email Template Override in Child template
Additional Translation Strings

VERSION 4.6.4 – Released 10/19/2019
Record social login email in vote log

VERSION 4.6.3 – Released 10/14/2019
Woocommerce Conflict while
iOS Poster Image issue
Removed the REST API for the Taxonomy SHOW / HIDE
NEXT / PREVIOUS button conflict with plugins such WooCommerce Membership & GamiPress & BuddyPress
Submit Entry Form
Video Full Screen Glitches
Theme conflict issue while view = grid is set
Vote Log Email Display from Social Logins

Showallcontestant Design
Width Areas in the admin end converted to Numeric Inputs
Top 10 Page Image Dimension

VERSION 4.6.2 – Released 8/21/2019
Listing Theme & Elementor Plugin Check
PrettyPhoto Issues while using elementor Plugin

Terms & Condition HTML Output & Checkbox
Terms & Condition in Entry Form with Multiple Categories

VERSION 4.6.1 – Released 8/9/2019
Random filter in the infinite scroll and Load More scroll pagination
Translation string for Japanese Characters
Screensizing issue while using the UNCODE theme
Toolbar width theme conflict in WP Editor submit entry

VERSION 4.6 – Released 8/7/2019
Various Bugs from 4.5

VERSION 4.5 – Released 8/2/2019
Captcha for AddContest View
Captcha for Single Contestant View
Chinese Characters in Excerpt
Music Upload URL Issue

Mobile CSS
Fancy Box CSS
Top 10 Page Design

Activation Wizard
Google Plus Login
Support for Buy Votes + Cookie Tracking
Link Element in the Contestant Form Builder
Dynamic CSS Generation
Facebook Video Support for Video Category
Terms & Conditions Field for Contestant Form Builder

Google Plus Sharing deprecated by Google

VERSION 4.1.2 – Released 7/18/2019
Minor Bug fixes

VERSION 4.1.1 – Released 7/2/2019
Minor Bug fixes
Site Health Security Issue
Session Start & Destroy Issues

ReCaptcha Settings for the Login & Registration
ReCaptcha Client & Server side Validation with Google

VERSION 4.1 – Released 6/4/2019
New Voting Frequency Type: Cookie + Email Verification
Wizard for the New Voting user
Template Overriding for Grid & List View + All Showcontestant Pages
API for the Mobile APP

VERSION 4.0.2 – Released 4/25/2019
All language support in the Contestant Form Fields

VERSION 4.0.1 – Released 4/11/2019
Filter for the Buy Votes extension
Issue while voting with cookie trace while Buy Votes extension is activated

VERSION 4.0 – Released 4/10/2019
Submit Entry Issues when No of entry is Set.
Activation Error with PHP 7 and below
CSS hover issue on Edit/Trash buttons

Translations in admin screen
Translation Strings Editable for all WordPress supported languages
Single Contestant Page – Template Overriding Functionality
New Hooks for the template Overriding
New Voting Frequency Type : IP + Email Verification
Ability to override the single contestant page for both main theme and child theme while customizing template files

Mobile & tablet CSS
Widget Design

VERSION 3.6.5 – Released 1/10/2019
Conflicts with PHP 5 & 7
Activation Error with PHP 7 and below
CSS hover issue on Edit/Trash buttons

VERSION 3.6.4 – Released 1/4/2019
Admin Ajax fix
Instagram Video URL
Cross Domain issue with videos

Support for WordPress 5
Guttenburg Editor on Add Contestants Screen

Updated the VideoJS version
Moved the No. of votes to right side meta box in the Admin end
Removed the Voting menu on Edit and Add Contestant area due to conflicts with new editor

VERSION 3.6.3 – Released 11/5/2018
PrettyPhoto Popup conflict with some themes

Buy Votes Extension filters and actions
New Image dimension selection

CSS and Design

VERSION 3.6.2 – Released 10/26/2018
Image required Issue in the form builder
Showallcontestant page
Voting order
Login & register popup

CSS and Design

VERSION 3.6.1 – Released 9/1/2018
The WP Color Picker in the admin end style settings
Votes sort order in the admin end
Success message in the Multiple Contest Form

Filter hook for the voting success message “ow_vote_success_message”
Buy Votes extension support hooks

Form elements styles

VERSION 3.6 – Released 8/7/2018
Login & Registration Issues
Updated Deprecated Functions
Admin CSS Conflicts

VERSION 3.5.9 – Released 7/22/2018
Login & Registration Issues
Updated Deprecated Functions

Navbar Classes

VERSION 3.5.8 – Released 6/21/2018

Contestant Admin – Loading Custom Fields Based upon the Category
Licensing Activation and Validation
User Register & Mail Issue
Special Character Issue while activation
Instagram Video Playback
Show All Contestant Page

WordPress 4.9.6 Compatibility
Admin End Styles

Deprecated the Upgrade option & Hierarchy of Taxonomy

VERSION 3.5.7 – Released 5/8/2018
Bug from 3.5.6 where new music contestants were set as uncategorized.

VERSION 3.5.6 – Released 5/7/2018
No compatible source was found for this media on Contestant Admin Screen
Optimized large Vote Log export
Video Extension library update

Added the Contestant Image field to the Contestant Form Builder for label changes.
Split the Contestant Video URL and Music URL fields in the Contestant Form Builder for label changes.

Instagram Video URL Support to the Video URL field.

VERSION 3.5.5 – Released 4/6/2018
Custom Fields only showing to super admin on WordPress Multisite Installs
Saving an image in the email template field added extra slashes

VERSION 3.5.4 – Released 3/16/2018
Overview page shortcode usage instructions

Instructions on how to use the email template tags to customize the email template
addcontest shortcode support for custom category questions

VERSION 3.5.3 – Released 3/12/2018
Removed custom field data from front end code when field is set to hidden

Email shortcodes for customizing email templates
Responsive mobile image settings
Ability to embed SoundCloud player using SoundCloud URL for Music contest categories
Ability to assign custom questions to specific contest categories

VERSION 3.5.2 – Released 1/25/2018
Top 10 Contestant View HTML formatting Issues
All Contestant Page Ajax Loader
MP3 Patch for Firefox

New All Contestant Page
All Contestant Export

VERSION 3.5.1 – Released 12/15/2017
Rapid Composer Compatibility
Email notifications
User profile page now correctly loading from the contest navigation bar when enabled

YouTube video load time
Removed the file restriction field from the Music Upload form field since it only supports MP3
Faster loading of Photo to increase page load time

Bulk Approve option in Payment Pending and Payment Approval Status when Payment Extension is used
Description Notes and Email Notes text in the contestant form builder
Setting to open the Custom Link for Redirection in a new window if the link is set.
New style selections – Summer, Noel, Christmas, New Years, Cupcake

VERSION 3.5 – Released 11/8/2017
No Featured Image set in the admin end listing
Hide Vote Count issue in Admin Settings
PHP7.1 Compatibility Issues
Description duplicated for all contestants in the Music Listing
File Upload Issues and Display in Single and Listing Contestants

Licensing system changes
Wording change in the Email Activation Code window
Import / Export Features
– Exported Files can be imported directly in the Import System
– Will work based upon the category such as photo, video, music, essay

Contestant listing admin end design and fonts
Information about Contestants in the admin end listing
Preview of Video and Audio in the admin end listing
Taxonomy filter in the admin end listing
Image Source Hook Overriding
Email Address Field in Contestant Form Builder For the Email Notifications
– If “Must be logged in to submit entries?” is set to YES, Then the Email Address field will be automatically be set to No in the Contest form.
-If Its set to NO and “Contestant Success Notification” OR “Contestant Approved Notification” SET to YES, then the Email address field will be automatically be set to YES in the Contest form with required option.
Navbar Shortcode adds the ability to turn the navbar on/off
Ability for the admin to manually adjust votes in admin end and while Importing Contestants
Number of Votes displayed in Vote Log
Vote Log Export with shows of Votes

VERSION 3.4.2 – Released 10/16/2017
PHP7 Admin Issues and depricated functions
Show All Contestant Issue
Import Contestant for Video

Licensing and Upgrading process
Voted Button Messages

VERSION 3.4 – Released 9/1/2017
Grid / List Custom Fields Issue

Email Notifications for Contestants
Ability for Contestants to edit their contest entry with admin option to turn editing On/Off per Contest Category

Updated Profile Screen Layout
Video JS Support Youtube & Vimeo
Video JS Support for Multiple Video Types to Play/Pause
Short Category ID to Check whether the category ID exists or not and display error message
Success message when entering a contest is now a popup notification instead of a success message at the bottom of the submitted form.

VERSION 3.3.9 – Released 6/29/2017
Design issue in admin end
Video URL Display Fix in Admin End

Post Per Page Setting Option in Pagination Settings
Form Label Notes for Music, Video, Title and Description
Show All Contestant Style Settings

Style Settings – Maintained consistency in design
Grab EMail: Hide If Logged in Vote and Email Verification are set
Email verification Pop Design Change
Widget Styles & Design

VERSION 3.3.8 – Released 6/4/2017
Changed video player to video.js instead of FlowPlayer to remove watermarks, increase load performance, and support additional video types

Added support for video playback to showallcontestants shortcode instead of a thumbnail.

VERSION 3.3.7 – Released 3/8/2017
Admin CSS will now only load on Voting Contest Plugin pages
Voting log download files showing ip instead of voter email

Text area field character limit for contestant form fields
Admin end on/off option for character limit on contestant form fields

VERSION 3.3.6 – Released 2/22/2017
Multisite Form Issue
Facebook/Twitter/WP Email Capture in Vote Log for logged in users

MP3 Uploads now accepted in entry form
Created custom FILE for mp3 upload while installation or activation
Flow Player for the site Video
If Video is not from YouTube, Vine or Vimeo , then FLowPlayer will play the video
Admin UI redesigned
Support for upcoming Video Upload Extension

VERSION 3.3.5 – Released 12/23/2016
Fully PHP7 and WordPress 4.7 compatible
Changed the deprecated functions on the widget controller
PHP7 deprecated mysql_query changed to mysqli_query
Spaces no longer converted to dashes for custom question choices

Added unique classes to form questions for advanced styling
Added Voter email address prompt option for “User Not logged in” exclusively for IP and Cookie tracking

VERSION 3.3.4 – Released 11/01/2016
MySQL Compatibility Update

VERSION 3.3.3 – Released 10/28/2016
Calendar Frequency Adjustment
Custom Form Fields Form
Social Share – Remove the + and use spaces
W3C Total Cache admin-ajax.php issue

VERSION 3.3.2 – Released 10/15/2016
Per Calendar Day Frequency

Option to Disable PrettyPhoto in Single Contestants Post
Origin IP Address to Vote Log and Vote Log Export
Ability to Format Notification Email

VERSION 3.3.1 – Released 10/05/2016
Long Titles in Video Contest Grid View

Style Settings for Mobile Menu Font Color
Choose the default state of mobile menu in Common Settings: Open/Close

VERSION 3.3 – Released 9/22/2016
Close/Open Form Setting

Multiple Contestant Page with Three Design Looks (Normal View, Samsung Grid Flow & Masonry CSS Grid)
Max Size for the File Upload
Category Select Add Contestant Form
Single Contestant Redirection URL
Sort Filter in the Multiple Contestant Page
Search function for the Multiple Contestant Page with Post Meta + Category and Sort filter
Voting Upgrade Option in Admin end for the Post Meta indexing in database
TinyMCE Editor Button for adding shortcodes on a Page
Video Thumbnail for Vimeo & YouTube
Show/Hide Option in All Contestant Page

VERSION 3.2.3 – Released 7/15/2016
Moving contestants from published to pending or draft via the bulk edit will delete the custom fields information.

VERSION 3.2.2 – Released 7/14/2016
OrderBy Issue
Contestant Pending display issue with the Paypal Entry Fee Extension

Styling in prettyPhoto view
Contest category setting styling for Image mandatory
Top 10 Contestants page design

Image & Video Width control settings in Common Settings for Single contestant page
Title position control setting in Common Settings for Single contestant page title
Single contestant page styles controlled in Style Settings
prettyPhoto styles controlled Style Settings
Hide or Show Grid/List setting controlled in contestant category setting

VERSION 3.2 – Released 6/20/2016
Cookie tracking issue

VERSION 3.1.9 – Released 5/23/2016
Added back refined features that we released in 3.1.6 and 3.1.7 that were temporarily taken out in 3.1.8

ShowRules Shortcode Attribute to turn Rules and Prizes on and off
DatePicker Field in the Contestant Form Builder
Option to hide the WP Registration in General Settings allowing you to force Facebook and Twitter Logins only
Resolved Login Bugs on the Profile Screen

VERSION 3.1.8 – Released 5/13/2016
Open Login Form with Logged In Option

Updated Twitter Login API
Updated Facebook Login API
Login Form Mobile friendly adjustments
Count Down Timer
Audio Contest Settings

Essay Contest Width Setting
Ability to change the permalink slug for SEO purposes
Ability to show the Rules and Prizes while using the addcontestants shortcode

VERSION 3.1.7 – Released 3/2/2016
Audio Player on mobile devices
Critical error on activation with rare themes

Alert check for 777 permissions on the css file that saves changed styles

VERSION 3.1.6 – Released 2/19/2016
Contestant photos now show on contestant profile screen

Choose position of Title / Category above or below the contestants Photo/Video/MP3
Additional support for new PayPal and Stripe Entry Fee extensions (extensions sold separately)
Ability to upload photo to MP3 contest for player background
Ability to set the width and height of audio player
Grid layout for MP3 contests
Audio Player on Top 10 page for MP3 contests
3 Audio Player Skins to choose from
Sorting of Title, Author, Voter Email and Vote Date in the Vote Log

Changed settings buttons and wording to be more intuitive of what the settings do
New audio player for expanding format support in future versions

VERSION 3.1.5 – Released 1/21/2016
Voting per category issue has been fixed
Facebook login issue during account creation
Color changes on voting button for 1 per calendar day issue

Category settings added for essay / video / audio (Upload Image & Image Mandatory)
Image field on submit form enable and disable
Category setting to Show author email in contestant listing and single contestant page
Category setting to show author name in contestant listing and single contestant page
Video contestant: video URL will be shown first, description will be shown on contestant listing and single contestant page
Title moved to the top of Photo Contest Contestants Page
Custom Fields will not be shown with blank values

VERSION 3.1.4 – Released 12/15/2015
Email verification bypass
Start time null form not shown
Registration fields not shown on creating account
Style save button issue

Support for Paypal Entry Form Payment System Extension
Support for Stripe Entry Form Payment System Extension

VERSION 3.1.3 – Released 11/5/2015
Sort selection doesn’t hold through pagination.
Sort selection, shortcode and sort admin settings functions repaired which got bumped in 3.1.2.

VERSION 3.1.2 – Released 11/3/2015
Vote button now changes color giving better indication on which contestant you voted for.
Added style setting to change “Voted” button color under Settings > Style Settings > Voting and Sharing.

VERSION 3.1.1 – Released 10/28/2015
Image preview added to entry form

New Login & Register Tabs in login popup

Random sort order issue in infinite scroll
When deleting a contestant entry, the contestant entry count did not reduce by 1
Order by Date issue when set from the admin end
All voting buttons change to voted when multiple categories are displayed on the same page

VERSION 3.1 – Released 10/12/2015
CSS fixes for Social Login area

Entry form display based on start timer
Clear votes per category
Facebook user email display in vote log using new Facebook API calls
Facebook account creation using new Facebook API calls

VERSION 3.0.9 – Released 10/8/2015
Infinite Scroll Pagination.
Ability to disable PrettyPhoto popup on main contest page and go directly to the single contestant post.

Revamped Social Login area.

Deleting vote from vote log not working
Using drop down to change pagination count in vote log results in blank page
Deleting single record from vote log caused blank page.
Unable to submit entry form from iPhone
Voting Contest image url error posting to Pinterest

VERSION – Released 7/28/2015
Exporting the Contestants in the format csv, html, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Open office – ods
Exporting the Voting Log in the format csv, html, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Open office – ods

WP Mail function fixes for certain servers while using the AJAX
Facebook Share Title added + sign

VERSION – Released 6/26/2015
Additional vote count Security Methods using Encryption and Decryption in Data Passing

Voting frequency when vote count equals 1 with Per Category (Single) Selected
Multiple Photo Contests on a single page now shows correct Additional Information form contestant entry form questions

VERSION 3.0.7 – Released 6/12/2015
Email verification vote tracking method
New Vote Frequency features with Single, Multiple and Multiple Split
Per Category option to hide photos until contest starts
Tool tips for longer descriptions on admin settings
Music and video enhancements including entry form support
Option to turn related videos for youtube on and off
Option to set Width for the Videos
Color setting for for Title Grid View, Title List View and the Title on the Single Contestants page
Honeypot anti-spam technique to stop spam on the contestant entries
Missing random sort order option in the drop down in common settings

Stripping of P tags and Br tags issue in the Contestant Description
Vote frequency for single/all contestants
Fully Multisite Compatible

VERSION 3.0.6 – Released 5/3/2015
Ability to auto approve contestants.
Alt attribute added back to photos.
Editing the default Summer Theme will prompt for Save As.
Adding showform=1 or showform=0 to your shortcode will override the default form handling which is based on the start timer.
Added shortcode function displayform=1 and displayform=0 to the addcontestants shortcode.

Plugin scripts will only load on pages where the shortcode is used.
Color theme setting enhancements so styles are not overwritten by WordPress themes or other plugins.
Overall responsive CSS improvements
When screen size is less than 450px, Contestants Listing will be listed in GRID View

Sort order issue in 3.0.5.

VERSION 3.0.5 – Released 4/15/2015
Ability to create and switch themes (colors/font size).
Hide the Most Voted and Least Voted sort option in the front end drop down when the vote count option is set to hidden the contest category settings.

Admin Settings tab now responsive.

Query monitor Execution PHP Warning and Errors with X Theme.

VERSION 3.0.4 – Released 3/28/2015
Per Contestant Frequency
Ability to set voting frequency rate per hour
Order By random to global contest settings drop down
Updated CSS for responsive videos
Shortcode display on contest category screen

Custom Contestant Question not shown if label is cleared and saved.
W3C Total Cache deprecated function caused vote processing window to get stuck.
Windows Fast/CGI Server receives 500 Internal Server or Image resize issue.

VERSION 3.0.3 – Released 3/04/2015
Ability to pass HTML Links in the Custom Fields.

Contestant post layout compatibility with Salient theme and a few others.
Hide the Image field when the contest category is Music or Video.
Image overlay size in mobile view.
Max image width in mobile on contestants post.
Video contest form would ask for image upload on some installs.

VERSION 3.0.2 – Released 2/26/2015
Added back multilingual support which was missing in 3.0
Added new Vote Frequency options
Music / Essay Category Options
Search Engine Friendly URL’s for Contestants custom posts
Social sharing notice in vote message window

Css enhancements

Voting log timezone now based off set WordPress Time Zone
Updates notices now display properly

VERSION 3.0.1 – Released 2/19/2015
Drop down for contest Type (Photo, Video, Music) for expanding functions in the future.
Hover effect on images showing that clicking the image will show the larger image.

CSS improvements on for long descriptions and plugin fonts.
Load CSS/Fonts last for better compatibility.

Sort Order in Multiple Contestants Page effecting other contests displayed on the page.
Fatal error on activation with some themes.

VERSION 3.0 – Released 2/12/2015
Completely redeveloped from the ground up (6 month project).

Show/Hide Top 10 per category.
Ability to choose your sidebars or ours.
Sort Contestants by category.

Cleaner more efficient code.
Eliminate script conflicts.
Ability to use Action Hooks.
Cleaner user interface.
Responsive Register/Login Form.

Setting entry limit per person now applies per category instead of to all categories.
License activation issues for some users.

VERSION 2.5.7 – Released 1/22/2015
Clearer descriptions on Overview Page to be more helpful.

Contest Rules and Prizes Tab with Multiple Contests on Single Page
Addcontestants shortcode entry form when required to login to submit entry

VERSION 2.5.6 – Released 1/14/2015
Hiding vote count now hides – Sort by votes and Top 10 Tab

Hiding vote count list/grid display
Hiding vote count on contestants page and prettyPhoto

VERSION 2.5.5 – Released 1/13/2015
Submit Entry on Page with Multiple Contests.
Sort Option on Page with Multiple Contests.
Entry Form display in Chrome.

Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ on Profile Page.
Contest Category to Profile Page.

VERSION 2.5.4 – Released 1/09/2015
Improved the overall design of the contest page, list view, grid view and contestants page.
Better responsive design.

Consolidated the Contest Entry, Sorting Options, list/grid change, and contest link into a navigation bar.
Top 10 and Contest Rules and Prizes Section.
New Contestants Page Widget in default WordPress Widget Area.
Top Contestants Widget.
Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ Sharing.
Contestant Page Views.
URL displayed via sharing feature on contestants page.
Custom Java scripting written to avoid possibilities of conflicts with other frameworks.
Overall performance increase for contests with 100+ contestants and 100k+ votes.

VERSION 2.5.3 – Released 10/14/2014
Line breaks no longer create new column in export file.

Export now includes the Author Email and Author Username.

VERSION 2.5.2 – Released 9/19/2014
Bulk approve would remove contestant url from title

VERSION 2.5.1 – Released 9/16/2014
Bulk approve feature
Spanish translations

Translation exports
Email notification issue when the contest category contestant limit not set

VERSION 2.5 – Released 8/13/2014
Export Contestants Feature
Better German translation – Thank you Fabian!
Better Spanish translation – Thank you Lucas!

Bulk approve feature clears contestant custom fields

Working on: Italian translation

VERSION 2.4.9 – Released 7/2/2014
Latest WordPress TinyMCE prevents embed code from being passed through description.

VERSION 2.4.8 – Released 6/23/2014
Confirmation when clearing votes

Better compatibility with WP Super Cache

Read more button disappears when contestants viewed in prettyPhoto

VERSION 2.4.7 – Released 6/17/2014
Facebook Login Framework (support not available until 7-15-2014)
Twitter Login Framework (support not available until 7-15-2014)
New Contestant Profile Screen via shortcode
Contestants are now set as the post author when required to log in to enter contest
prettyPhoto Gallery now has option to display entry date and excerpt
Bulk Contestant Approve Feature
Bulk Vote Log Delete Feature
Cookie Voting Option (Less Secure!)

Vote Log default sort order shows latest date
Vote Button/Single Contestant Vote Color Change
Logged in and non logged in voting
Clear Vote Entries without the Start and End Date
Contest ended prettyPhoto display buttons

Missing Div when contest ends
Removed the Date Selector from Clear Voting Entries – Now Category Based and working

VERSION 2.4.6 – Released 5/22/2014
German Language Translations
Vote count and vote button to prettyPhoto Gallery
Facebook and Twitter Share to prettyPhoto Gallery
Facebook Share now uses the contestant image
Option to add contestant form fields to prettyPhoto Gallery
CSS Adjustment for improved Responsiveness

VERSION 2.4.5 – Released 5/13/2014
Theme compatibility with Avada Theme

VERSION 2.4.4 – Released 5/8/2014
Delete Button in Vote Logs
Description Field to prettyPhoto
Copyright Notice and GPL
Blank index.php file for security (Silence is Golden)

prettyPhoto attribute changed to data-gal to pass HTML Validation
Add space to Twitter Share Link
Grid Issue While moving between Pages
Need to click Submit entry button twice on occasion
Admin notification sent if contestant reached entry limit

Removed the Visual tab from entry form.

VERSION 2.4.3 – Released 4/28/2014
Multilingual support via .MO and .PO files.
New Vote Log under Contest > Contestants > Vote Log Tab (at top).
prettyPhoto Gallery to expand upon for future development.
Display details in grid view, list view, both or none contest category option.
Optional display description field on contestants entry form and on contestants page.
Ability to turn pagination off via pagination=0 shortcode.

Moved Contestant related menus to Tabs under Contest > Contestants
Removed Topcontestants and Bottomcontestants shortcode.
Show large image in prettyPhoto when image is clicked.

Fixed Total Contest Category votes count calculation.
Addcontestants form display error when required to login to submit entry.

VERSION 2.4.2 – Released 3/18/2014
Contest Category Option to show total votes per contest category.

Labeling of functions in control panel to read more clearly.
Support for Internet Explorer.
Grid View improve when “No Image” available.
Theme compatibility with many themes.
Video Contest Custom Post alignment.

Fixed bug where checking vote for multiple contestants and once per category allowed many votes per contestant.
Fixed HTML Validation Errors.

VERSION 2.4.1 – Released 3/02/2014
Support for Homepage Pagination.
Import / Export Feature now supports custom form questions.
Settings descriptions labeled more accurately.

Fixed bug where vote count on admin contestants page was only showing the 1st digit.

VERSION 2.4 – Released 2/12/2014
Images now fully integrated with WordPress Media Library and Global Media Size Settings
(gives you the ability to crop and resize thumbs for your contest!!)

Pagenavi scripts updated to latest version

Global setting image size selection which auto populates all image sizes WordPress and Themes create

Global Option “Once Per Category” allowing voting once per contest category, per contest or multiple contestants

Global Option to set number of entries allowed per person

Global option to turn scripts on and off

Global option to turn off “More” button

Global option to set title truncation size limit for both Grid & List view

Contest Category option to turn off the vote count display for a specific contest category

Loading of JavaScript and Style Sheets only when necessary on front and back end

Once the contest ends, the timer changes to “CONTEST ENDED” and the voting button is removed giving “gallery” display

WordPress commenting on Contestants Post Page.

Global IP checking for Origin IP Address for better Internal Network Contests

CSS for Video and Photo Contestants Page

Email from name and notification E-Mail

Improved HTML Validation

Admin navigation display

Export feature for Mac’s

Chrome timer display

Start and End Timers based off WordPress set Time

Contestant Page Navigation

VERSION 2.3.9 – Released 12/16/2013
Added optional admin notify on entry submission.

VERSION 2.3.8 – Released 12/02/2013
Fixed pagination bug.

Improved support for multiple contests on a single page.

Removed redundant global settings.

Added global setting to disable sidebar on custom post page.

Ability to override middle custom post navigation button URL per contest category.

“Vote Now” button now changes to “Voted” after you vote.

VERSION 2.3.7 – Released 11/20/2013
Date picker updated.

Added option for video contests.

VERSION 2.3.6 – Released 11/18/2013
Fixed bug where a contestants votes would be cleared after updating the contestants post.

VERSION 2.3.5 – Released 11/12/2013
Removed dependency of Tim Thumb.

VERSION 2.3.4 – Released 11/21/2013
Improved coding based on official code review to maximize performance, compatibility and security.

VERSION 2.3.3 – Released 11/20/2013

Improved image upload compatibility.

VERSION 2.3.2 – Released 11/08/2013

Resolve Jquery conflict for sites with many plugins.
Adjust CSS for IE7 grid view.

VERSION 2.3.1 – Released 10/28/2013

Maintenance release to improve compatibility with various themes and plugins.

VERSION 2.3 – Released 10/24/2013

Admin Panel
Add section to build custom fields for Submit Contestant Form
Add section to build custom fields for Registration Form
Add option to mark fields as Admin View ONLY in both forms
Export Contestant Details to CSV
Show Contestant Registration Fields in Users section

Front End
Show Custom Fields in Registration Form
Show Custom Fields in Submit Contestant Form
Show User Profile with Custom Fields
Custom Post Navigation

Contestants or voters required to register will automatically be logged in once they register.

VERSION 2.2.2 – Released 10/21/2013

Link Photo in List View, Grid View and on Custom Post Page to large image with prettyPhoto effect.

VERSION 2.2.1 – Released 10/20/2013

Maintenance release to improve compatibility with various themes and plugins.

Fix bug where in some cases sorting by votes did not display contestants with zero votes.

VERSION 2.2 – Released 10/09/2013

New Features:
Display Read More button that links to Contestant Page
Social Media Integration – Facebook & Twitter Share
Add option to allow only logged in users to submit contestants
Vote button and Facebook/Twitter share on custom posts page
Shortcode to display the contestants list in grid / list view
Integrate User Login / Register / Forgot Password forms


Maintenance release to improve compatibility with various themes and plugins.


New Features:
Optional Front end user uploads for contest entries with admin approval.
Optional Number of Contestants to be reached to make it Active.
Editable Entries Closed Description
Contest Start Time
Countdown timer for contest start
Editable To Be Started Description
Countdown timer for contest end
Editable Closed Description
Voting Type to determine whether voter is allowed to vote for 1 contestant or multiple contestants
Votes Timer Text color picker
Votes Timer Background color picker
Added new short codes to control options


Improved compatibility on certain server/theme configurations.


Update blockUI for WordPress 3.6 compatibility.


Add support for PHP 5.2+

Now compatible with ‘Query Multiple Taxonomies’ plugin
Added coding to avoid possible menu position conflicts with other plugins.


Added support for automatic updating.


New Features:
Ability to set contest expiration date and time.
Ability to change voting frequency and options: no limit, once every 12 hours, once every 24 hours, once per calendar day.
Choice to Store/Delete all data in database if plugin is deactivated.
Improved overview screen with short code examples.

LAST UPDATED- 3/13/2023

VERSION 2.1.6 – Released 3/13/2023
PHP warnings and notices

VERSION 2.1.5 – Released 1/24/2023
Paypal Live Application creation link to get API Keys

VERSION 2.1.4 – Released 11/8/2022
Compatibility for WordPress 6.1
Changed/removed deprecated hooks

VERSION 2.1.2 – Released 4/12/2022
Translation Strings

VERSION 2.1.1 – Released 2/28/2022
Text Editor Issues

Maintained the scripts to be loaded on all pages based upon the CORE voting Settings

VERSION 2.1.1 – Released 12/24/2021
Small Fixes for Crypto Currency Payment gateway
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Litecoin & USD Coin

VERSION 2.1.0 – Released 12/24/2021
Crypto Currency Payment gateway
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Litecoin & USD Coin

VERSION 2.0.6 – Released 12/14/2021
Stripe payment issue

VERSION 2.0.5 – Released 12/13/2021
Updated security on json

VERSION 2.0.4 – Released 12/03/2021
Email Customer in Payment API
Login to Submit Enabled – Paid Entry Button
COUPON EXTENSION SETTINGS on category edit showing after deactivating coupon extension
Paystack Not logged issue

VERSION 2.0.3 – Released 11/26/2021
Customer Email in the Payment gateway

VERSION 2.0.2 – Released 10/19/2021
Enque Scripting on page without contest content

VERSION 2.0.1 – Released 10/18/2021
Licensing Activation

VERSION 2.0 – Released 10/13/2021
Requires WP Voting Contest version 5.0.
Completely written from the ground up utilizing React JS.
Now supports PayPal, Stripe and PayStack.

VERSION 1.3.2 – Released 7/23/2020
Support for Coupon Addon to allow Coupon for free entries

VERSION 1.3.1 – Released 7/2/2020
Deactivation support with WP Voting Contest Pro Plugin

VERSION 1.3 – Released 10/12/2017
Plugin Update Notifications
Licensing Support

VERSION 1.2 – Released 2/23/2017
Currency Selector for all 136 currencies supported by PayPal.
Thank you URL field
Email Editor

VERSION 1.1 – Released 8/08/2016
Pending Status missing on contestant entry after submission.

VERSION 1.0 – Released 2/19/2016

LAST UPDATED- 3/13/2023

VERSION 2.1.3 – Released 3/13/2023
PHP warnings and notices
Voting button issue with default pagination

VERSION 2.1.2 – Released 1/24/2023
Changed the Paypal Live Application creation link to get API Keys

VERSION 2.1.2 – Released 11/8/2022
Compatibility for WordPress 6.1
Changed/removed deprecated hooks

VERSION 2.1.1 – Released 4/12/2022
Translation Strings

VERSION 2.1.0 – Released 12/24/2021
Crypto Currency Payment gateway
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Litecoin & USD Coin

VERSION 2.0.4 – Released 12/03/2021
Email Customer in Payment API
Add Range Issue for the New Category
BuyVotes Button Issue for No Limit Frequency
Amount for Votes – Allow only numbers

VERSION 2.0.3 – Released 11/26/2021
Single page buy votes payment and vote counts

Customer Email in the Payment gateway

VERSION 2.0.2 – Released 10/19/2021
Enque scripting on page without contest content

VERSION 2.0.1 – Released 10/18/2021
License activation support

VERSION 2.0 – Released 10/13/2021
Requires WP Voting Contest version 5.0.
Completely written from the ground up utilizing React JS.
Now supports PayPal, Stripe and PayStack

VERSION 1.6.5 – Released 9/19/2020
New taxonomy to create an entry on orders

VERSION 1.6.4 – Released 8/21/2020
Email Capture
Login issues

VERSION 1.6.3 – Released 7/15/2020
Vote count issue when buying votes
Conflict with Stripe Entry Fee Addon

VERSION 1.6.2 – Released 6/26/2020
Deactivation support with WP Voting Contest Pro Plugin

VERSION 1.6 – Released 5/14/2020
Buy Votes to follow Voting Frequency with the Free Votes

VERSION 1.5 – Released 5/3/2020
Tiered Payments
Admin can now add multiple ranges
Option to Show or Hide Tiered Payments in the front end
Minimum transaction amount restriction in front end

VERSION 1.4 – Released 11/5/2019
Update Notification System

VERSION 1.3 – Released 8/2/2019
PrettyPhoto Issue
Safari Overlay issue


VERSION 1.2 – Released 4/15/2019
Cookie Tracking support with WP Voting Contest 4.0+

VERSION 1.1 – Released 11/05/2018
PayPal Checkout.js
Removing the previous code for PayPal
Updated the action hooks and filter hooks

VERSION 1.0 – Released 9/11/2018

LAST UPDATED- 3/13/2023

VERSION 2.0.2 – Released 3/13/2023
PHP warnings and notices

VERSION 2.0.1 – Released 10/15/2021
Upload video custom field issues

VERSION 2.0.1 – Released 10/15/2021
License activation issue

VERSION 2.0 – Released 10/13/2021
Completely written from the ground up utilizing React JS for WP Voting Contest 5.0+

VERSION 1.4.5 – Released 7/18/2020
URL Setting to allow changing video URL manually to other supported video platform.

VERSION 1.4.4 – Released 6/26/2020
Deactivation support with WP Voting Contest Pro Plugin

Version 1.4.3 – Released 11/28/2019

File size and file types uploading while uploading videos

Version 1.4.2 – Released 4/21/2018
Initial Public Release

LAST UPDATED- 3/13/2023

VERSION 2.1.1 – Released 3/13/2023
PHP warnings and notices

VERSION 2.1.0 – Released 12/24/2021
Crypto Currency Payment gateway Supports for Paid Entry

VERSION 2.0.3 – Released 12/13/2021
Updated security on json

VERSION 2.0.2 – Released 12/03/2021
Design fixes

VERSION 2.0.1 – Released 10/18/2021
License activation

VERSION 2.0 – Released 10/13/2021
Completely written from the ground up utilizing React JS.
Requires WP Voting Contest version 5.0 & Paid Entry Fee Addon 2.0+

VERSION 1.1 – Released 6/26/2020
Support for Entry Fee Addons

LAST UPDATED- 3/13/2023

VERSION 1.0.6 – Released 3/13/2023
PHP warnings and notices

VERSION 1.0.5 – Released 12/22/2022
Option to export the Judging logs

VERSION 1.0.4 – Released 12/13/2021
Updated security on json

VERSION 1.0.3 – Released 12/3/2021