Shortcode Usage

Full Short Code Usage:
It is important to know that the short codes over ride the default settings. So try and use as few variables as possible and instead use the global settings to keep your code short.

showcontestants id=42 postperpage=20 thumb=1 height=200 width=200 title=Sample
termdisplay=1 order=ASC orderby=date showtimer=1 showform=1 view=grid

General Short Code Usage:

showcontestants id=42 postperpage=20 showtimer=1 showform=1

1. “showcontestants”

Displays the List of contestants


showcontestants id=1 postperpage=10 thumb=1 height=200 width=200 detaildisplay=1
title=Sample termdisplay=1 order=ASC orderby=date

  • id (int) – use category id – Display posts that have this category
  • thumb (int)To specify whether the thumbnail image want to get displayed in the Contest Listing
    • 0 – Hides the thumbnail.
    • 1 – Displays the thumbnail
  • height (int) – To specify the Height of the Thumbnail in the Contest Listing
  • width (int) – To specify the Width of the Thumbnail in the Contest Listing.
  • title (string) – To specify the Title of the Contest Listing. Custom title other than the Page title.
  • termdisplay (int) – To specify whether the Category is displayed in the Contest Listing
    • 0 – Hides the Category title that the contestant is assigned to.
    • 1 – Shows the Category title that the contestant is assigned to.
  • order (string) – Designates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby’ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’.
    • ASC‘ – ascending order from lowest to highest values .
    • DESC‘ – descending order from highest to lowest values .
  • orderby (string) – Sort retrieved posts by parameter. Defaults to ‘date’.
    • none‘ – No order.
    • votes‘ – Order by Votes Count.
    • ID‘ – Order by post id. Note the capitalization.
    • author‘ – Order by author.
    • title‘ – Order by title.
    • name‘ – Order by post name (post slug).
    • date‘ – Order by date.
    • modified‘ – Order by last modified date.
    • parent‘ – Order by post/page parent id.
    • rand‘ – Random order.
    • ‘comment_count‘ – Order by number of comments
    • menu_order’ – Order by Page Order. Used most often for Pages(Order field in the Edit Page Attributes box) and for Attachments (the integer fields in the Insert / Upload Media Gallery dialog), but could be used for any post type with distinct ‘menu_order’ values (they all default to 0).
  • postperpage (int)- number of post to show per page. Use postperpage= -1 to show all posts
  • pagination (int)- Turn off pagination. Example: pagination=0
  • view (string)- Turn off list/grid view switching and specify a single view. Examples: view=list or view=grid
  • exclude (int)- Exclude Contestants in the Contest Listing, contestant id separated by comma for multiples. Example: exclude=239,268
  • showtimer (int)- By default the Start or End timer is shown. Example: showtimer=0
    • 0 – Hides the timer.
  • showform (int)- By default the entry form is displayed based upon your start timer settings. Example: showform=0
    • 0 – Hides the Submit Button.
    • 1 – Displays the Submit Button.

2. “addcontestants”

Display the Contestants entry form.


addcontestants id=1 showcontestants=0 displayform=1 showrules=1

  • id (int)-use category id – Add contestants to the contest using category id
  • showcontestants (int)To specify whether the Contestants get displayed in the Contest Listing or not.
    • 0 – Hides all contestants and shows only the form.
    • 1 – Displays all approved contestants.
  • displayform (int)To specify whether the Entry Form is displayed or not.
    Adding the shortcode attribute diplayform=1 or diplayform=0 will override your default form settings that are based off the start time.
    • 0 – Hides the form.
    • 1 – Displays the form.
  • showrules (int)To specify whether the Rules and Prizes Tab is displayed or not.
    Adding the shortcode attribute showrules=1 or showrules=0 will show or hide the Rules and Prizes link. Very useful when you just want to display the entry form.
    • 0 – Hides the Rules and Prizes.
    • 1 – Displays the Rules and Prizes.