WordPress Voting Photo Contest Plugin

WordPress Voting Photo Contest Plugin

Easy to use voting contest plugin for WordPress

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  • Current version: 3.3.4 Release Notes
  • Last Update: September 1, 2017
  • Release Date: July 4, 2013
  • Requirements: WordPress 4.0 - 4.8+
    PHP 5.4 - 7
    IE9-IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

The #1 Contest Plugin for WordPress just got better! Welcome to Version 3.3.4

The WordPress Voting Contest plugin gives you the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate an online contest into your WordPress 4.0 – 4.8+ website. You can start many types of online contests, using a single plugin, with very little effort such as a WordPress Photo Contest, WordPress Video Contest, WordPress Music Contest or WordPress Essay Contests!

You can set up multiple contest categories each with their own set of options. With timers, social sharing, Facebook and Twitter Login, widgets, custom form builder for your entry form and site registration, multiple options per contest, move contestants, vote frequency control and many other amazing features, you can run a full featured online WordPress contest that suits your needs.

The first release of WP Voting Contest was released on July 4th, 2013. This project took 2 years of development and had over 1 Million votes run through the system before releasing the plugin for sale to the general public. At the release of version 3.0 in 2015, which took nearly 6 months to develop from the ground up, we have had approximately 40 Million votes run through the system since the initial release of version 1.0 in July of 2013. We have taken every precaution to make sure that the system is light weight, secure, tamper resistant, packed full of features and compatible with today's themes and plugins.

The WP Voting Contest Plugin is the #1 choice of Radio Stations, Magazine Companies, and TV Stations across the US. Now made available on your own WordPress website!

If you are looking for an ALL IN ONE CONTEST plugin for WordPress available today, it is safe to say that the WP Voting Contest Plugin is among the best, if not, the best... but you can vote on that for yourself.


  • Includes support for configuring your contest.

  • Includes support for configuring your contest, ability to use the plugin on multiple websites.

  • Includes updates for life, support for configuring your contest, ability to use the plugin on multiple websites.


Average Rating 5 5 stars - 1426 reviews

Voting Plugin Features

Vote Tracking and Validation

We currently offer cookie tracking, IP tracking, email code tracking, and WP User Account tracking. If IP tracking is set and you require users to register and login to vote the system will automatically switch from IP tracking to WP User ID tracking for votes. This is particularly handy for contests held in offices and schools since IP tracking would count each network IP address as one vote preventing others on your network from voting.

Voting Log

With the integrated vote log, admins can monitor votes and remove votes as needed. While the system is very accurate when tracking votes, sometimes there is a need to clear a vote or two by an admin. The voting log will also assure you that there is not any “foul play” with your contest and keeps everything fair for your contestants.

Votes Updated Instantly

Utilizing Ajax, votes are automatically updated without having to refresh the page. You will see an on screen confirmation of your vote and the vote button will change from “Vote Now” to “Voted”. This ensure your voters clearly understand their vote was counted.

No Rogue Votes!

Rogue votes from Search Bots… No Way! Our vote tracking prevents rogue votes from search engine bots and other common voting system interferences.

Control Vote Frequency

Over 24 different configurations of controlling votes! (x) per category, (x) per calendar day, (x) per (x) hours, and unlimited. Also determine if user can vote for single, multiple (exclusive), or multiple (split) contestants.

Import and Export

Easily import your contestants data via .csv file. There are also 5 different file types to chose from when exporting your contestants data. You can also export the voting log for building an email marketing list.

Social Media Integration

We make it easy to share entries via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr. Sharing buttons are located on the main contest, custom post page and PrettyPhoto Gallery. Pick and choose which social networks your visitors can share on.

Grid / List view

By default your voters will be able to display your contest in grid/list view. You may also specify to use only particular view using a simple shortcode.

Create Multiple Contests

Run multiple contests and contest types at the same time each with their own settings and options. We are the ONLY all in one contest plugin that supports simultaneously running Photo Contests, Video Contests, Music Contests and Essay Contests using a single plugin.

Optional Login Settings

Optionally require contestants or voters to register/login before submitting entries or voting. Chose one or all of the registration methods: WP User Account, Facebook Login, or Twitter Login. The login settings offer additional security, especially for private contests and additional export data for marketers.

Timers and Auto Contest

Utilize contest start and end date to set your contest on auto pilot or set number of contestants to make contest active. This allows you to have an entry period before the voting starts. Once the entry period is over the entry from will automatically be removed and the voting will open. The timer will then start counting down until the voting is closed. Timers are based off of your set Global WordPress timezone.

Built in Pagination

Control the number of contestants shown on each page with built in pagination. Choose from traditional, drop down menu, infinite scroll, or load more. Control how many posts per page or turn pagination off using shortcodes.

Mutliple Sorting Options

Easily control the sort order that your contestants are displayed. You may sort by number of votes, ID, author, title, name, date, modified, random, comment count, and menu order all by ASC or DESC. Setup your contest the way YOU want it to display. By turning pagination off, specifying the number of contestants to show and sorting by votes you can display the top/bottom contestants, latest contestants or just a random set of contestants.

Admin Notifications and Contestant Entries

Contestants can upload their entries right from your website! Once a Contest Entry is submitted it will go to a pending status. This is done to prevent unsafe content or threats from being posted to your website without review. You can optionally setup Admin Notifications so a contest admin is notified of a pending contestant.

Multilingual Support

WP Voting Contest is fully WPML compatible. Multilingual support is also available via .MO/.PO files. WP Voting Contest will automatically detect your native language and use the appropriate language files. We currently offer language support for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. We are constantly updating the plugin with new language packs so if you don’t see your language listed, send us a request and we’ll expedite a release for your language file.

Contest End Gallery Feature

Once your contest ends, the vote button will automatically be removed and your contest will stay viewable as a “Gallery” showing the final vote count for each contestant. Display the contest results for as long as you’d like or simply remove the shortcode from the page and delete your contest all together.

Display Options

Options to turn on/off the display of almost every element such as Image, Description, Title, Category, Social Buttons, Read More Button and Vote Count.

Custom Form Builder

Add custom questions to the Registration or Contest Entry Form and control how the information is displayed. For instance, if you would like to capture a contestants email address or phone number when they submit an entry but not display the information on their entry page you can keep it private! You can also choose which questions are kept private and which questions are displayed publicly.

Custom Post Navigation

Easily navigate from one contestants custom post page to the next or go back to the main contest page. The main contest page is detected automatically but we also give you the option to set the URL for each contest category just in case!

Optimized CSS and Scripts

All of our CSS and Scripts are optimized so that they only load on contest pages or contest admin areas. This ensures maximum compatibility with your theme and other plugins. We closely follow all WordPress Codex guidelines and ensure our code is clean to pass HTML validation.

Integrated Media Library Settings

Image settings are integrated with the WordPress Media Library to allow you to use all of the built in image editing tools available with WordPress. This also helps to keep your contest to closely match your theme by using the sizes set in the WordPress Media Settings. You can choose any of these set sizes for your thumbnail and contestants post page.

Move Contestants

Easily move contestants from one contest to another. This is very handy when you have multiple rounds of voting.

Frequently Updated

Get notified of updates via the WordPress Plugins tab. Frequently updated to expand on new features and keep current with the latest WordPress standards.

Well Documented

Overview page with well documented short code options, links to contest demonstrations, and online documentation.

Contest Ends In:
Total votes for the Contest "Photo Contest" : 2963


WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Move contestants from one contest to another with the move feature.
Control how often people can vote. Once per calendar day, once per 24 hours, once per 12 hours, no limit.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Option to show or hide contest title.
Control the size of the image and the plugin with automatically resize your photos.

Contest WordPress Plugin

WP Voting Contest WordPress Plugin is an all in one Contest Plugin for WordPress.

Contest Plugin WordPress

WP Voting Contest Plugin WordPress is an all in one Contest Plugin for WordPress.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Don’t want a photo in your contest? You can turn photo displays off per contest.
Import contestants via CSV import feature to speed up contest setup!

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Overview page with well documented short code options.
Shortcodes make it easy to change contest options.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Easily style the look and feel of your contest with CSS.
Set custom labeling on your page navigation.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Set the expiration date of any contest.
Create multiple contests, each with their own options.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Simple to use plugin for creating photo contests or and contest with voting.
Registers your vote without having to refresh the page.
Easily create descriptions which support HTML and coding using WordPress built in post/page editor.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Select how many contestants to display on each page.
Built in page navigation for multiple pages.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Option to completely reset the plugin and all data when deactivated.
Control the sort order of how contestants are displayed.

WordPress Photo Contest – Voting Plugin for WordPress

Get notified of updates via the WordPress Plugins tab.
Compatible with WordPress 3.6+.